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Gusto Payroll Service


I wanted to update on the payroll service we were using.  We originally signed up with Zen Payroll service, which currently is named, "Gusto".  We were very happy with the service they provided at an affordable price.  However, as they grew bigger not only did their name change, but they raised their price $30 more a month.  

I contacted them to ask if they could keep my price the same since I only needed basic payroll, but they were not willing to do so.  They only offered one price whether you used all the extra benefits or not.

Tile shower

Today I would like to talk to you about the process involved in constructing a new tile shower.
A lot of contractors will opt for using cement board also called hardy backer panels for the wall surfaces .Although it is a much faster and cheaper way to go, it is not always accurate and long lasting. The majority of traditional  tile contractors  will instead float the walls. It is a longer process which however will stand the test of time and be very precise as well. Here is how the process unravels; Once the studs are fully exposed, the plumbing contractor will install the new shower valve.

Flipping in 2016

It seems like everywhere you turn today another Real Estate Guru is telling us how to make money in Real Estate with no money down.  I first got interested in Real Estate investing when I saw Carleton Sheets' info commercial back in the early 90's.  After purchasing his program I learned that he earned his money on Real Estate properties by consuming the loan from the banks, which the banks no longer offered at the time I purchased his program in the 90's.  I did not know what consuming loans were at the time when I purchased his program.

Quality Work

2015 is coming to an end and I am pleased to say TMC Construction a division of TMC Investments Inc. had another successful year.  The one thing that sets TMC apart from other construction companies is that we care about the quality of work being done and we give a fare market bid, as well as match anyone else's bid if we can.  We are proud to say that all our clients in 2015 have been completely satisfied with our work and have recommended us to their family and friends.  

All our business this year has been from word of mouth.

Zen Payroll


I am writing today to answer a question posted on my twitter account.  

I started using a payroll company this year to be more productive in ohter areas of my business.  I went with Zen Payroll and have been very happy with there service and monthly fee.  I also will be adding the healthcare service they offer as well.  It is hard to find reasonable rates for a party of two, but wth Zen Payroll I can piggy back with other small business owners for better rates.

To answer the question if I still kept my accountant?

Zen Payroll


TMC Investments Inc. started using Zen Payroll this year.  It is a great tool for business owners who do not want the hassle of estimating what they may have to pay in taxes at the end of the year.  Zen Payroll does that for you.  

If you as an individual, or as a company would like to save money and the hassle of doing your own payroll, then please check them out at  They have many other benefits as well such as, a friendly representative to help you get set up and answer any questions you may have.

A New Year!

It is a new year and TMC Construction is going to make a few changes.  We are in the process of programming our own website that we have control of.  A wise person recently mentioned to me, "you are either programmed or you can be the programmer."  It is exciting because I can make changes and updates to my website as frequently as I want.  I will let you know when the new website is launched before closing this one.  

We have been blessed this past year and we want to focuss on generating bigger projects in the year "2015".

Non Profit Organizations


I want to thank all of you for your positive comments.  The staff enjoyed reading all of your posts and our hearts were touched.  

TMC Construction is currently working with a non profit organization that helps battered women and their children get back on their feet.  The women feel comfortable with Thierry Canet and our staff,  and for that reason we were chose to be their contracting company.      

I have to say I am blessed to be able to work at TMC Construction.

Custom Cabintry Painting

Today I want to talk about a client I recently built custom cabinets for.  The client originally wanted the cabinets stained, but when it came time to select the color of the stain she changed her mind; and instead wanted them painted black.  I was thinking to myself, "great, painting will take less time and the job will  be finished  sooner".  Boy was I mistaking....Did I forget to mention that she did not want them painted flat, but changed her mind again and wanted them shiny.

Beware before you decide to partner with outside individuals

TMC Commercial Division recently finished up a few projects in Alicia Viejo, California. My advice to my fellow General Contractors is to make sure you know the character of the individuals you decide to partner with before you start a big project.
Individuals who work well together are team players that stay on task and respect one another.

TMC Commercial decided to partner up on a few projects with an individual who we met through our community because he approached us continuously with the idea until we said yes.
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